BURPEES: I included this exercise in my programme in order to improve upon my all round stamina, cardio-respiratory fitness and accuracy if I choose to try and reach a mark on the wall while jumping and stretching upwards. I will be working for a short period of time, which will increase further into my programme, at a high intensity, improving my anaerobic fitness - a great benefit in a football game situation towards the end of a game, as my muscles will be able to tolerate lactic acid more efficiently.


SKIPPING: This will (alike the Burpees - in short intense periods of time), improve my muscular endurance in my legs, stamina, cardio-respiratory fitness and anaerobically I should also improve. The same applies to me being able to more suitably tolerate lactic acid. There maybe on complication for me to increase the intensity, by swinging the rope faster, in the later sessions if the amount of exercise is to hard I may think it is mentally to difficult.


I have made my circuit relevant to me and my sport because in football as I play a defender it's essential that you have good strength, stamina, flexibility, agility and great reaction speed; not to mention footballing awareness and skills - other areas of fitness help aswell. In the circuit, dorsal raises will improve flexibility which will be used in a football match to stretch for the ball in various situations, sliding tackles and defensive headers.


I will bench press 20kg as it is a weight that I can comfortably lift put is not considered easy, along with press ups which are in my circuit to help build my upper body strength which is mandatory for a centre back and even more so for my present physique.


Sit ups will improve my stamina and better looking stomach muscles so I can play to my full potential for a longer without getting tired.


As I play a lot of sport, not to mention refereeing, I do regard myself as a fit and healthy person who relies on more than one time of specific fitness. Which is a main reason why circuit training is the type of session I've chosen, as I have to perform six different exercises that range from muscular endurance to shear strength; allowing me to basically improve my all round fitness and is most defiantly appropriate.


Use of principles of training: I will be basing my 'PEP' on the FITT principal; frequency, intention, time and type. This allows me to gradually overload each area of my training in each session, to improve my muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. My fitness-training regime will last for 5 sessions; the first for 15 minutes long and the last for 21 minutes. In these sessions I will need to increase the intensity and the length of training as each sessions go on.


This is significant as without working harder for a longer period of time I will not making any reasonable progress. It is physiologically essential that I begin my first session at the right intensity so I am able to do my best in the remaining sessions to achieve accurate results, as otherwise I may want to give up and not put as much effort in, as I would feel that the programme is to demanding. Physically aswell, muscles could be torn or strained or even far more serious injuries.


From my fitness test result I know I will be able to cope with at least 30 seconds to start off with at each station. To see if this pushes me at the 6 stations I will have a trial run to see whether my programme is to hard to consistently perform. If I feel the workout is too easy after 3 rotations then I can extend the time at each station, so that it is more difficult but still manageable.


I will use overload by increasing the amount of time I spend on each exercise every other session, this will allow me to physically adapt each time, ensuring I don't cause any soft tissue injuries whilst raising the intensity and receiving better results. By using this technique I will be able to steadily progress my fitness, as the session before the duration is improved should feel easier, showing a clear indication that I am physically improving and the next session must be slightly harder.


I have granted myself a 10 second rest period between each station but this includes traveling from each exercise, so each workout will be rather intense. After each phase I will have just one minute of resting time, which will be after skipping - three extra minutes a session in total.

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